Keli Lucas.

Expressionistic portrait painter.


She focuses on depicting the soul behind the eyes of those who she feels enlightens her. Drawing inspiration from the cacophony of light and color of New York City, her home. Lucas has a unique ability to capture with each brush stroke, the full range of emotions that make up the human experience.

Often bringing excitement to events and shows by quickly capturing the face of a live model in front of an audience. She believes it is a collaboration between the audience, the musician and the model’s energy with her own. 

Beyond being featured in countless shows nationwide, she has been in creative publications such as WHITEHOT Magazine, Artnet,  Quiet Lunch Magazine, CREATIV Magazine, Le’tage Magazine, Nasty Magazine, Posture Magazine and more. Lucas has created murals for brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Notorious, Our Voice organization and the Sure We Can environmental organization and has worked with nonprofits such as The SAFE Foundation, Magen David of Manhattan, Our Voice organization, the Sure We Can environmental organization, Green County Council on the Arts, Reach For The Stars Learning Center for children with Autism and the Frida Kahlo Corporation at Miami Art Basel with the Mexican Government and The Rotery, a nonprofit organization dedicated to curing Polio.